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First Megaswingers party in club Fantasy

Thank you to all participants in the first meeting, that s part in such large numbers. We did not expect such a high participation and thank you for it and we are glad that you enjoyed. For the great success we are planning the next party Megaswingers already in January next year. Watch our website and book your place on Megaswingers party in advance. This month were revised Megaswingers.Cz users and delete users were having an inactive e-mail. In the event that you touched this action despite the [...] >>

About us site is intended for all adults who want to know and enjoy swingers. We want to bring here as a swinger lifestyle. The articles will help you to advise what to do, what to avoid and what to give priority to the contrary. You can learn everything that relates to swingers. On these pages we mainly offer you the possibility of presentation, as a pair. Here you can upload your own photos, find partners for their replacement, or you can directly acquainted with another couple and agree [...] >>

Swingers sex – introduction

Swingers sex is, to make it simple, having sex with more people, but that does not really mean sex intercourse with more people, although this possibility is obvious. Anyway, first and formost it is always a matter of two people. If you consider visiting a swingers club, have in mind that who meets there are couples. Lone woman is not an exception but you wouldn`t find a lone man. is website addressed to adults who want to get know more about swingers and enjoy it. We would like [...] >>

Swingers how to do it.

In this article you will basically get the information on how to begin with swingers. It is sort of a manual, and I would like to highlight that one of many, for those who are new and play with the thought of swingers. Everyone has a different relationship, everyone thinks differently and for everyone there are different measures. However, the first step is usually the same in most cases. „It“ is usually a thought of one of the couple and usually it is a man. Men are much more perceptive and [...] >>

Swingers questions

isit swingers club is about questions and answers . After all, it is slightly non-standard form of entertainment and if the couple does not clear , hard to do something begins . The most common question relates to sexually transmitted diseases Never drop in sex with people who refuse to use condoms . Health really only have one . Surely you come across couples who play quietly without a condom, but these are people who have long known , are convinced that the other couple is enjoying only and [...] >>

Swingers how to fight the psyche.

When you visit this sort of club for the first time, it is always better to find a couple that wants to try it either. Internet is a great source. If you fail to find that couple, it doesn`t matter, just go there alone. You won`t be alone in the club, never. However, first you should agree on a few rules you mustn`t break. Rule 1. Forget the jealousy. Také it this way, your spouse is so perfect that everyone wants her. Even after that she stays your spouse and you can be proud of her being yours. [...] >>